The History of Bagni Tiberio

The history of Bagni Tiberio goes back over two millennia when the Emperor Tiberius built his private residence Palazzo a Mare along this cove. It was just one of twelve imperial villas scattered across the island of Capri. In the 19th century, European gentry and artists made this a stop on the Grand Tour to paint the picturesque Roman ruins.

In the early 1900s Giuseppe and Lucia De Martino set up an informal beachfront restaurant here, using a tiny coal oven. They officially opened for business in 1926.
Over the following decade they began to take guests back and forth from the port of Marina Grande to their beach, using a traditional wooden gozzo rowboat. They opened a beach club here after WWII, with the arrival of tourists from Germany and the United States.
Nowadays Bagni Tiberio is still run by the same family, who have become famous on the island for their friendly and welcoming hospitality.