Bagni Tiberio Beach Club

The Emperor's Beach on Capri

On Capri, an island of rocky cliffs overlooking the sea, there are very few beaches—and Bagni Tiberio is one of the few.
As far back as two thousand years ago, the Roman Emperor Tiberius frequented this very beach and loved to swim in the sparkling blue sea.
It was such a favorite spot of his that he had one of his villas built here. Nowadays this beach is still one of Capri's most beloved places for sunbathing and enjoying the island sea.
Bagni Tiberio Beach Club is convenient, easy to reach, and also suitable for families with children.

Snack Bar

In addition to classic Italian espresso and gelato, our snack bar offers a selection of refreshing drinks, light summer salads, savory sandwiches, and tasty Mediterranean appetizers. The snack bar is part of the beach area and is known for its welcoming atmosphere. It's the ideal place for families and tourists of all ages.

Cocktail Bar

An Italian seaside aperitivo is an unforgettable experience. Imagine sipping a perfectly mixed cocktail while enjoying delicious appetizers with the sight and sounds of the sea as your backdrop.
At our cocktail bar you can indulge in a relaxing moment where natural beauty blends with a lively, magical atmosphere.
Here, every sip and every bite are designed to evoke Capri's exquisite island flavors and lifestyle.

Helpful information

Helpful information
  • You can arrive at Bagni Tiberio Beach Club with our shuttle boat that departs from the private pier behind the hydrofoil ticket office at the port of Marina Grande.
  • You can also arrive on foot via the narrow street of Via Palazzo a Mare.
  • If you are coming with your own boat, we provide buoys and tenders.
  • We recommend you book in advance to ensure you find a spot on the day you choose.
  • Children are welcome.