Beach club, restaurant, and private boat:
all you need to relax on Capri!


An Imperial Beach

Are you looking for a spot on Capri to while away a perfect summer day? Look no further: at Bagni Tiberio you can relax at the beach club along a crystalline bay, sit down at the full-service restaurant for a plate of spaghetti with clams followed by peaches in white wine, and set off to explore the coastline on board a traditional gozzo boat!

This spot was a favorite of the Emperor Tiberius, who bathed here while staying at one of his many villas on Capri.
You can still see the remains of the nearby imperial villa overlooking the bay.
Take a dip among authentic Roman ruins...

2023 Prices

In the entrance are included: changing rooms with lockers, showers, wc service and entrnce on the beach


Entrance 15€
Beach Services (until 12 years) 10€
Sunbed 15€
Sunchair 10€
Sun Umbrella 8€
Sea Towel 7€
Private Cabin 15€
Warm Shower 1€

The boat transportation from an to the Harbor is free for the guest of the beach and restauran.

It is forbidden to introduce food and drinks from outside. You can book both a table at the restaurant and sun loungers. For sun lounger bookings, we require arrival by 12:30pm.

Season opening: April 2023

The flavors of Capri on the water's edge...

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You can book an all-inclusive beach club entrance with restaurant service and boat tour,
or simply a private boat tour on board our traditional island gozzo.

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Bagni Tiberio Capri

The Bagni Tiberio beach club is located on the former site of Palazzo a Mare, Emperor Tiberius' summer villa, ruins of which can still be spotted among the coastal rocks. You can reach the beach club on foot by taking Via Palazzo a Mare down from Capri (about a ten minute walk), but it's much easier to simply hop on our complimentary boat.
At the Marina Grande port, head to the small pier next to the ferry ticket office where you'll find our boat that makes non-stop runs between the beach club and Marina Grande.